Women in the Word - A 31-Day Devotional (B6)

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Women in the Word is a 31-day devotional created by the diverse women of Amazing Facts to inspire and revive women of all backgrounds. It features touching stories of women in the Bible, Scripture verses for deeper study, and a Daily Reflections journal page for each entry.

Each day features the story of a woman from Scripture—such as Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Deborah, and many more—told in a way that speaks deeply to women of faith in our day. Every page is filled with insights and reflections that will enhance your walk with God. And it’s the perfect gift for the special women in your life!

From the Introduction:

Choose to focus on the promises of God in your life. Be intentional about starting each day in His Word—maybe even starting with this devotional, written by the women of Amazing Facts or the wives and sisters of staff—considering the ways in which He has led women of old.

And as we spend time dwelling on His promises, we too can find peace and comfort, regardless of the trial, knowing that He loves us and will soon take us to our eternal home.

Bonnie Ensminger
Executive Assistant to Pastor Doug Batchelor

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Women in the Word - A 31-Day Devotional (B6)