Personal Evangelism Workbook - PDF

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This book is designed to give you practical guidance in the work of soul winning.

"The work above all work -- the business above all others which should draw and engage the energies of the soul -- is the work of saving souls for whom Christ has died. Make this the main, the important work of your life. Make it your special life work." Message to Young People 227.2

This statement summarizes the experience that God desires for us. No matter how busy we are in life, no matter our occupation, we must keep the main objective in mind -- the saving of souls.

You will learn how to study the Bible, how to give Bible studies, how to meet varying objections, the art of surveying, the connection between medical missionary work and the gospel and ultimately how to lead souls to Christ.

*NOTE: This is a PDF version of this book. It does not include a physical copy.

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Personal Evangelism Workbook - PDF