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Ernestine "Teenie" Finley has conducted hundreds of cooking schools over the years. This book is the accumulation of many of the recipes that have been taste-tested in these schools and in the Finley family kitchen. With a hard cover spiral binding and full-color pictures throughout, this cookbook is not only attractive, but very user-friendly.


'A growing body of scientific evidence confirms the health value of a plant-based diet. At Weimar Health Institute, we have observed remarkably positive changes in the health of virtually all our guests as a result of a total vegetarian diet. Sometimes these changes occur in a very short period of time. It is for this reason that I heartily recommend Teenie Finley's beautiful new cookbook, Natural Lifestyle Cooking. As you put these tasty recipes into practice in your home, you, too, will enjoy the benefits of the diet given to us by the Creator Himself.' --Dr. Neil Nedley, MD

'Teenie Finley has the unique talent of not only preparing delicious vegan foods, but also of helping others duplicate her recipes.

This cookbook, therefore, promises to be more than a great asset in your kitchen. It will also be a powerful tool, enabling you to teach others how to eat--and live--more healthfully.' -- Dr. David DeRose, MD

'In Natural Lifestyle Cooking, my wife, Teenie, invites you to join us for a meal with the Finleys.

The recipes in this cookbook are the ones she has used for years to keep our family healthy. She has also taught these health principles to thousands of people in her Natural Lifestyle Cooking schools. In our family, we value our health as a precious gift from God. As you put these health principles into practice in your life, and try these recipes, you too, will be wonderfully blessed.' -- Mark A. Finley, MA, DD

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