Mission Study Bible - KJV Chestnut (B2)

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Let the Mission EGW Study Bible reenergize your spirituality with deep insights, historical backgrounds, and meaningful introductions. You will love exploring the Bible in a new way every day exploring the most extensive Ellen G. White Study Bible ever published! Employing volume 7A of the SDA Bible Commentary, selected passages from the Conflict of Ages series, and various manuscripts, the Mission Study Bible contains over 2,700 quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy. This extensive body of inspired exegetical writings is collated throughout the Scriptures with relevant texts. In addition, other resources for study include a concordance, distinct reading maps, chronological tables and informational charts, as well as a scriptural index to the complete writings of Ellen White. The exhaustive index is a bridge to over 38,000 additional entries for individual verses. No other King James Version Bible offers such comprehensive access to inspired commentary. The newest edition, building upon the first edition, has a robust array of study tools and comes with higher-opacity paper, an elegant flexible leatherette cover, and beautiful gilding. Featuring all the advanced study tools, comprehensive Bible studies to broaden your understanding of core Biblical principles, as well as extensive Bible concordance to aid in finding the references to your favorite verses, and extensive commentary, all wrapped up in a redesigned exterior, this is all that you ever wanted for the most rewarding study time. Comes with our lifetime warranty and in 3 attractive color options, and easy to read 10.5-point large font size.

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Mission Study Bible - KJV Chestnut (B2)