Messenger Study Bible Cherry Red NKJV (B2)

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The Messenger is built upon the model of our other high-quality Ellen G. White study bibles such as The Mission Study Bible and The Academy Study Bible, with a high-opacity paper, a flexible binding, a consistent gold gilt, and environmentally friendly synthetic leather, which allows readers to enjoy the beautiful New King James Version in a bible designed to last. All of this is protected by our lifetime warranty. The Messenger Study bible has extensive Ellen G. White commentary, making it a valuable resource for a deeper devotional life in God’s word. Employing volume 7A of the Seventh-Day-Adventist Bible Commentary, selected passages from the Conflict of the Ages series, and various manuscripts, The Messenger Study Bible contains over 2,700 quotations from the Lord's Messenger. This extensive body of exegetical writings is collated throughout the Scriptures with relevant texts. In contrast to the typical double-column style bible, this single-column format creates an immersive, more natural, and comfortable reading experience. With cross-references spaced in the left margin and the Spirit of Prophecy passages only a glance away directly beneath the text, the page layout affords economy of time and effort. This design provides readers with easily accessible study tools to deepen their knowledge of scripture, encouraging unhurried reflection upon the Word of God. The index is a bridge to over 38,000 additional commentary entries for individual verses. No other New King James Version Bible offers such comprehensive access to inspired commentary. This bible contains everything Bible study tools related that you would expect to find in our very popular Mission Study Bible with the exception of the Bible study helps section.

  • New King James Version
  • Extensive Ellen G. White commentary
  • Single-column layout for easy reading
  • Extensive cross-reference system
  • Clear and readable Lexicon font
  • Words of Jesus in red
  • Translator Notes
  • 8x5 inches
  • Bible Concordance
  • Scripture Index to the writings of EGW
  • Colorful Maps, Charts, & Tables
  • Typeset in Spacious 9.5 Lexicon No1 Font
  • Smyth-Sewn Binding
  • Packaging: 2 - Piece Sturdy Box
  • Three Satin Fray-less Ribbon Markers
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Messenger Study Bible Cherry Red NKJV (B2)