Home Leadership - Frazee (B15/J1)

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Home Leadership is a textbook compiled by Eden Valley Institute for the purpose of training home heads. It is composed mainly from Elder Frazee’s sermon series called “Home Heading 1-13.” Home heading used to be taught and practiced by several self-supporting institutions. It is the practice of families who would take students and new faculty into their homes and teach them the divine blueprint about how to lead a successful home after Heaven’s order. Though very few people continue to practice home heading, the principles still apply for those who want to conduct Christian homes according to the divine model. The principles apply equally well to those who want to understand the blueprint for Adventist institutions, since the Spirit of Prophecy counsels that our institutions should have a family-like atmosphere. Additionally, it is our hope that the re-printing of this book will inspire families and institutions to revive this Heaven-blessed practice.

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Home Leadership - Frazee (B15/J1)