Health Evangelism Kit ( Health Evangelism Reference Manual, Lifestyle Solutions, Journal)

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A kit designed for Health Evangelism that includes the following:

  • Health Evangelism Reference Manual

- Before Jesus returns, the whole world will be lightened with His glory. Have you ever wondered how this amazing manifestation of the power of God will become a reality?

Jesus wants His love to be displayed through the actions of His people. God's character will be perfectly reflected in His church before He comes back. As a result, the whole world will witness His love in action and truly know Him.

The Health Evangelism Reference Manual will help the reader understand how to live by faith in Jesus in a way that will attract others to Him and His salvation. The close relationship between the third angel's message and health reform will be explored. From becoming the ideal coaching friend to operating your own church health programs, this manual will provide tools and inspiration to make this experience your own.

The practical godliness and friendship described in this book will lead the reader to realize his great need for a closer walk with Jesus. It will lead the honest seeker into a deeper understanding of righteousness by faith.

Now is the time for every child of God to joyfully embrace this message and set to work in the vineyard, calling others to receive the message of salvation.

  • Lifestyle Solutions

- When health is lost, there is a solution!

The book you have in your hands presents a simple step-by-step guide to accomplish complete health. It unpacks the major lifestyle diseases in our world today and offers strategies for overcoming wrong habits and reversing these diseases.

The pursuit of health and wellness is a life-long journey. This book will bring encouragement and provide basic, practical information regarding lifestyle and disease.

Along the way, engaging activities will inspire you to deeply analyze your current lifestyle practices and lead you towards better health choices.

  • Lifestyle Coaching Journal

- 10-week journal for lifestyle coaching.

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Health Evangelism Kit ( Health Evangelism Reference Manual, Lifestyle Solutions, Journal)