Guides Greatest Second Coming Stories (B10)

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Have you ever wondered if today would be the day that Jesus would come back?

Each of these true stories pulled from Guide magazine remind us Jesus is coming again and He cannot wait to be with us.

In 1844 a couple of sisters went to bed. . .

“Just think—tonight is the last night we’ll sleep in this bed.”

“I know. Tomorrow we’ll be in our heavenly mansion!”

“I’m not going to sleep at all,” eleven-year-old Susan whispered. “What if Jesus comes during the night? I don’t want to miss anything.”

“I won’t sleep either!” Belinda agreed. “Poke me once in a while so I stay awake.”

Jesus did not come in 1844, but His promise is still true.

The Bible is clear: be patient. Remain faithful. Don’t give up. Jesus is coming! And it will be worth the wait!

I can’t wait! Can you?

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Guides Greatest Second Coming Stories (B10)