Desire of Ages - Bible Study Guide "Gethsemane to Glory" (B5)

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Take this incredible journey through the portals of time to experience the thoughts and feelings of Christ in His final hours on this earth until He was raised to glory! You will be blessed as the Bible paints a vivid picture upon the canvas of your mind the most critical event in the history of the universe: The moment when your eternal destiny hung in the balance and was secured; the moment God's character was vindicated!

Divided into 14 lessons on the closing scenes of the earthly ministry of Christ. Questions are given, with Bible texts to read to find the answer, followed by a paragraph from The Desire of Ages to further expound on the answer. Though the text is somewhat abridged, the student does not need a separate copy of The Desire of Ages. There is also a detailed answer key.

This is an excellent book for your personal study, but is especially intended for use in studying together with a friend or in a group. Suggestions are given for effectively conducting group studies, and each book contains a certificate of completion that may be filled out by the group leader.

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