Daniel and Revelation - Exhaustive Ellen G. White Commentary Set 2022 (B2)

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This pebbled black and white hardcover 2022 edition, builds upon the original SDA Bible Commentary on these books with an extra useful feature! It has a verse-by-verse exhaustive commentary on Daniel and Revelation from the published and unpublished writings of Ellen G. White which has been compiled and meticulously keyed to scripture! Included is the original SDA Bible commentary on Daniel and Revelation in footnote format.

The books of Daniel & Revelation have always been vital to the spiritual dynamics of the Seventh-Day Adventist church, and now every true Sabbath keeper can be thoroughly familiar with their message and also firmly grounded in them. This set features a redesigned exterior while keeping the same content as the previous edition. Every facet of this EGW commentary encourages a deeper understanding of the books Daniel & Revelation.

  • Original Seventh-day Adventist Commentary
  • Ellen G. White Exhaustive Commentary
  • King James Version
  • The Book of Daniel in White
  • The Book of Revelation Black
  • Extra Large, easy-to-read 12.5 font
  • Hard Textured Pebble Covers
  • Smyth-Sewn Book Block
  • Footnote References
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