Counsels on Agriculture - EGW (B11/J2)

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100 years before the terms "organic", "local" and "sustainable" were in vogue, Mrs. Ellen G. White was urging her readers to return to the land. The industrial revolution was pulling people from their agrarian roots, and she foresaw the end results. Although the world was heralding a new age of progress, she was lamenting a turning away from the "old paths." In this volume you will find counsels for parents, teachers and school administrators, gospel and healthcare workers, farmers, and anyone else who wants to come closer to God's ideal lifestyle. Unlike many who preach one thing while practicing another, Mrs. White was a passionate gardener. Reading diary entries and letters about her own work in the garden will encourage and amaze you. Although this counsel is dated, it is particularly relevant to those living in the 21st century as they navigate through the technological revolution. May the reader hear the call back to God's original garden plan. The compiler has searched the author's original manuscripts and letters to find context and to discover previously unpublished "gems". As you read, you will be challenged, motivated and inspired to experience the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits promised to those who work the soil.

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Counsels on Agriculture - EGW (B11/J2)