Bringers of the Dawn - Lineage (D3/DV1/J6)

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The Reformation was as one one of of the the most most definitive movements in history. It It shaped shaped the the The Reformation was one of the most definitive movements in history. It shaped the social, political, economic, and military policies of early modern Europe more than any other event during this period of time. But its greatest impact was on the history of the Christian church, not just during the 16th century, but over the last 500 years.

This book is a collection of articles chronicling the rise and spread of the Reformation—its highs and lows, the impact it had on the lives of individuals and nations, as well as how it defined Christianity.

As you work through these articles and the study questions that accompany them, think of yourself as a time traveler taking a journey through some of the most celebrated moments in time. Absorb the experience. Treasure it. But above all, reflect on its impact.

The Reformation is not a thing of the past. It is still alive and well and can make a difference in your life in much the same way that it revolutionized the lives of so many who have gone before us.

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