A Picture Gospel - Sarah Jane Raffety (B9)

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A Picture Gospel For Children of All Ages highlights the main points of the life and purpose of Jesus in simple language. Sarah Jane Raffety's words and art lead the reader through the gospel story to loving and accepting Christ. The book creates an experience such as one might encounter when turning the pages of an ancient Bible.

A Picture Gospel strives to portray the sacred theme of the gospel by pairing scripture and narration with the straightforward boldness of fine art paintings done in a variety of unique and contemporary styles.

Jesus' birth, childhood, baptism, ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, ministry in heaven, and second coming are all highlighted. Special emphasis is given to the heavenly Father, the miracles, and love. The story leads to a prayer of invitation, in hopes of the reader opening the heart to Christ. It finishes with assurance and comfort, directing the reader to the Bible.

A Picture Gospel will reach the heart of readers of all ages by showing the love Jesus has for each one of us.

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